Ringers Lactate does NOT increase Potassium more than 0.9% NaCl

Here’s yet another article discussing Ringer’s Lactate versus 0.9% saline solution in renal transplant patients. They also acknowledged the consensus to provide NS rather than LR to avoid hyperkalemia in patients but they weren’t happy with that, especially understanding and running into the data suggesting that NS creates the non-anion gap metabolic acidosis from hyperchloremia which can result in hyperkalemia due to the extra-cellular shift of potassium. That’s the reason why they decided to proceed with a prospective double blind clinical trial on patients undergoing kidney transplants. They had 37 patients in each group. Each group of patients, the LR and the NS groups, received a little more than 5L each. Patients who received NS had a pH drop from 7.43 to 7.33. The LR group had no change in pH. The table in the article breaks down the serum electrolytes during the study as they checked it four times throughout the course of the surgery. The authors concluded that RL may not only be safe, but also superior to NS in these patients. The article cites another study where that team had to to treat more patients for hyperkalemia in the NS arm compared to the LR arm. Cool stuff, right? A 🎩 tip to the authors!

Modi MP, Vora KS, Parikh GP, Shah VR. A comparative study of impact of infusion of Ringer’s Lactate solution versus normal saline on acid-base balance and serum electrolytes during live related renal transplantation. Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. 2012 Jan;23(1):135-7. PMID: 22237237.
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