100,000 views on a Medical YouTube Video: How much did I earn?

This week, my video on YouTube titled “ICU/Intensive Care: How to Present A Patient During Rounds” surpassed 100000 views on my YouTube channel. This is the first time that my medical channel has accomplished this feat and I am quite happy about it. It’s quite funny to me that my third YouTube video is still until this date my most popular video. I am pretty much a one hit wonder of that format. In case you’re curious, here is that video:

The video was uploaded on January 7th, 2017 when I was in the home stretch of my fellowship training. At the time, I was quite frustrated being in academia watching medical students, interns, and even residents fumble their way through their patient presentations. I had created the YouTube channel several years prior in an attempt to spark up another stream of income being that so many people earn a sizable amount from the platform. I gave it a shot and this was the home run on the platform. But you came here to see some numbers, not hear about my backstory or anything like that so let’s start breaking it down.

Different topics earn different amounts per 100000 views on YouTube

It is important to note that these earnings are for a medical education video. Those of us who are in the YouTube world know that there are different amounts of money that advertisers will pay for certain niches. For example, if you want to make money quickly, start making personal finance videos. Medical videos are on the bottom of the spectrum. Which is why I feel that the amount I have earned from the 100,000 views on YouTube is so low. I will also break down some other common questions that may be in your mind about all this, too.

Total Revenue earned from 100000 views on YouTube

The total revenue that has been paid to me for this video since it was initially uploaded back in January of 2017 is $795.35. One needs to take into account that this video is 30 minutes long which allows for numerous ads to be inserted by YouTube into the video.

If you happen to look closely, you would see that there’s a period of time where I was not earning any income from my YouTube channel. YouTube pulled a fast one on creators who had the ability to monetize their content where they made us have to reach a certain threshold to start monetizing again. This included 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. It was very frustrating to have the rug pulled out from underneath my feet but there was nothing I could do about it. This means that the $795.35 could have been higher, but I am not going to cry over spilled milk.

What is RPM and CPM?

For those of you who are wondering what RPM is, per YouTube it is defined as “…revenue per mille and tells you how much you earned per thousand views. To calculate your RPM, your estimated revenue is divided by your total views in the same time period.”

Playback-based CPM means “effective playback-based cost per mille and tells you how much advertisers paid per thousand monetized playbacks”. In the podcast world, I am currently earning a CPM of $17.50. I have taken a step more towards podcasting because it takes much less time to create content there as I do not have to wear something decent or shave my face. People can listen to it in their cars, and thanks to the audience from Instagram, the amount of listeners is much larger. Uploading a video onto YouTube for me with 13,500 subscribers usually takes several weeks or even months to hit 1000 views but this happens in a couple days on my podcast. It just may be that my content on YouTube is lackluster.

Overall I am happy with the money I have earned from the video. I am more happy with the feedback that I have received for the video as it has helped out many people in their careers. Ultimately, that’s the point of all this. After all, Instagram doesn’t pay me for the 534 posts I have created to date. You do have to look at these ugly ads on my page, though.

My other YouTube channel

Very few of you know this but I have been making videos on YouTube for quite a while now and I have another channel that I will not disclose here where I was creating non-medical content since 2014. That channel currently has 1.4 million views. The most popular view with 234,951 views has earned me $518.14. It also has a much lower RPM and CPM than my medical channel. I haven’t uploaded a since video onto that channel since June of 2018 but I still get a check every month from YouTube which is quite nice.


If you’re one of the 100352 people who has watched my video I would like to say thank you. If you’re one of the 2325 people who gave me a thumbs up to the video, thanks you. I don’t know if you’re aware of this but giving people a thumbs up lets YouTube know that your video is worthy and increases the ranking on the algorithm, therefore showing it to more people. So if you happen to find a video that you learn something from or enjoy, make sure to hit that button. To the 54 people who gave me a thumbs down, let me know where your work is so that I can learn from how well you do it. I never thought that I would have more than 100000 views on a YouTube video and earn money from it. This all is just fun for me.

How to support my work: my efforts are at no cost to you and I would like to keep it that way. You have to look at ads on this website, listen to them on my podcast and YouTube content. Thanks for bearing with me. But if you want to help out a little more, also at no cost to you, consider a free trial with Audible where you will get a free book (and two books if you are an Amazon Prime member. If you CLICK HERE and sign up for Audible, they will provide me with a commission in exchange for you joining. They will remind you to potentially discontinue your membership so you don’t get charged. Thanks for your support!

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