ABIM Board Certification Exam: Passing the Internal Medicine Boards

Several years ago, I took and passed my ABIM Board Certification exam for Internal Medicine. I made this video for YouTube when I was a younger whipper snapper and it has proven to have been quite helpful for some. In this video, I go over the different methods which I used to study for and ultimately, pass the exam. 

I must admit, it is a challenging exam. There is much that needs to be known to do well. I am fortunate that I was in a residency program where we started doing MKSAP questions since day one. This was absolutely crucial in familiarizing those of us in the residency program to the complex questions that were asked during the exam.

There was much that I was already familiar with since we had seen the same question in MKSAP over and over for three years prior to taking the exam. I would absolutely recommend for any first year resident to start reading MKSAP as well as doing the questions at the end of the chapters as they go along. It is extremely important in my book. Much less cramming later for the exam. That is particularly important for those who choose to go into fellowship because you do not have dedicated study time.

You can watch the video here or click the link at the bottom to watch it directly on youtube where you can have greater control of the video regarding speed and other parameters. Thanks for following along! 

I later went on to become board certified in Critical Care Medicine also by the ABIM, the American Board of Internal Medicine. I describe how I passed that exam on this link.

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