Melatonin for Sepsis: The potential benefits to improve outcomes

You’re following along on my page bc you know I’m trying to find the most cutting-edge treatments and therapies for my critically ill patients. I hope to keep on pumping out eye catching content such as this article on melatonin for sepsis. Please share with you’re nerdy friends who would also find this nerdy content I put out interesting.

Yes, melatonin. I finished my lecture today on metabolic resuscitation and this article was published just a few days ago. It’s actually free and you can download it from my website, I have learned a ton of fascinating facts regarding melatonin as to why is SHOULD work. I can see the eyes rolling already. No, there aren’t any double blind, randomized controlled trials on this but one is in the works.

It definitely makes me curious as this is yet another therapy that many of us take during the day to sleep while on night shifts and is benign (based on years and years of studies listed in this article).

Fascinating stuff, right? Did you know that melatonin did all these cool things? I surely didn’t. Now I do… and that’s why I read as much as I do. A 🎩 tip to the authors! Do you provided melatonin to your patients with sepsis?

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