RT’s Have Suffered Burnout, Too.

I have posted data regarding nursing burnout.
Many times I receive feedback that Respiratory Therapists (RT) are suffering from burnout, too.
It wasn’t that I was ignoring RT’s, but rather this hadn’t been studied.
That doesn’t mean that there isn’t significant RT burnout.
Recently, there was a study published on the matter titled “Burnout among Respiratory Therapists and Perception of Leadership”.
Unfortunately, it is not free for you to download but when there’s a will there’s a way.
Hat tip to the authors.
They looked at “emotional exhaustion (EE), reduced personal accomplishment (PA), and depersonalization (DP)”.
Bottom line is that it should not come as a surprise that burnout rates were high.
Almost 54% of RT’s suffered from burnout.
26% had emotional exhaustions.
45% had reduced personal accomplishment.
Almost 10% had depersonalization.
The ICU’s need RT’s to operate.
They are an integral part of our team.
We need to do what’s necessary to mitigate the burnout that they’re suffering.
I thank all RT’s for your hard work and dedication.
You are all very appreciated.

Citations for RT Burnout

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Link to (NOT FREE) Article

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