pulmonary artery pulsatility index

Pulmonary Artery Pulsatility Index (PAPi)

In an effort to not fly blind in patients with advanced heart failure or cardiogenic shock, certain equations exist to help us manage our patients. This helps us identify who is not doing well and act on their deterioration before it really hits the fan. To measure how the left heart is doing, we use …

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protek duo protekduo

Protek Duo Right Ventricular Assist Device (RVAD) ProtekDuo

There are few options when it comes to right ventricular support for patients who are in right heart failure from a multitude of etiologies. At the time of this writing, we are limited to two temporary percutaneous right ventricular assist devices (RVAD) to assist our patients with this problem: the Impella RP and the Protek …

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