Red Meat Bad? Does Beef Cause Illness?

Is red meat actually bad for us?
Recently I was at a friends house for dinner.
He was told by his physician to cut down on eating red meat.
Note that this is a healthy dude in his 30’s who was a college athlete.
This really upset me as it seemed like the physician likely also promotes the original food pyramid which ruined the health of our country.
I will never claim to be an expert on nutrition.
Most MD’s will openly admit that our training on the matter leaves a lot to be desired.
Many of us are trying to do better on our own.
These data published in October of 2022 struggles to find a relationship between red meat and illness.
Hat tip to the authors. Read these data for yourself.
This was published in Nature Medicine which is a high impact factor journal.
They looked at consuming 50g and 100g per day.
Turns out that the data is weak sauce with cheese.
The quality of existing studies leaves a lot to be desired.
These authors reviewed all the data and they state “well-powered research is needed to better understand and quantify the relationship between unprocessed red meat intake and chronic disease”
Is red meat bad? Doesn’t seem like it is.
Moderation is key.
I will state that I am an expert at ICU Nutrition, though.

Citation for Red Meat Bad

Lescinsky H, Afshin A, Ashbaugh C, Bisignano C, Brauer M, Ferrara G, Hay SI, He J, Iannucci V, Marczak LB, McLaughlin SA, Mullany EC, Parent MC, Serfes AL, Sorensen RJD, Aravkin AY, Zheng P, Murray CJL. Health effects associated with consumption of unprocessed red meat: a Burden of Proof study. Nat Med. 2022 Oct;28(10):2075-2082. doi: 10.1038/s41591-022-01968-z. Epub 2022 Oct 10. PMID: 36216940; PMCID: PMC9556326.
Link to Article

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