Upcoming Lectures

The following are places where I am going to be doing my lectures in the upcoming months:


April 4: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL: Link to Program

Innovations in Cerebrovascular Science Conference: Topic “Pulmonary Disorders in Acute Neurological Injury”

May 14: West Palm Beach, FL: Link to Program 
Topics: Fluids and Metabolic Resuscitation, Lactic Acidosis, NIV and HFNC

May 25-29: Maui, HILink to Program
Topics: Metabolic resuscitation, Lactic Acidosis, nutrition and gut health, non-opioid pain management, vasopressors, NIV and HFNC, IV Fluids

August 20-23: Portland, OR: Link to Program
Topics: Cardiogenic shock, resuscitation, HFNC and NIV, nutrition and gut health, lactic acidosis, vasopressors, metabolic resuscitation

October 5-7: Philadelphia, PA: Link to Program
ResusX. Topics to be determined


May 20-23: Brooklyn, NY: Link to Program
Topics: Cardiogenic shock, vasopressors, steroids and metabolic resuscitation, nutrition and gut health, non-opioid pain management, HFNC and NIV, lactate and IV fluids

Reach out to me if you’re interested in me coming to your shop to do a Grand Rounds or some sort of presentation. 

Hope to see you all soon at my upcoming lectures!

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