Evidence Based Medicine Pyramid

Link to EBM images.

The evidence based medicine pyramid is an illustration to help us understand the hierarchy of medical literature and its interpretation. Like this some yahoo such as myself can’t give expert opinion that supersedes a randomized controlled trial. I am thrilled that my page has gotten a few people turned on to evidence based medicine. I refuse, though, to try to teach statistical analysis, though, as I don’t think I’m very good at it. I am sharing this evidence based medicine pyramid which is easy to understand and helps one see why I feel that some studies are better than others and why some studies get published in not-so-good journals and others get published in NEJM and The Lancet. As noted at the bottom of the image, my opinion from practical observation is 💩which is why you should always read data for yourself and not trust what I write and say. I hope I don’t upset the copyright gods bc stealing someone’s image. If you’re interested in how I recommend you read journal articles, CLICK HERE to read my Beginners Guide: Appraising Medical Articles & Evidence-Based Medicine.

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